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Jurassic Survival APK Hack for Android & iOS 2018 – What To Know?


Do You want to hunt? Do you want to be like ancient warriors preying for wild animals? Or just be the best on the server with mass coins, instant craft or magic split?

If positive – you find the best spot! But wait, what is Jurassic Survival and how to make it enjoyable?
Jurassic survival is entirely free survival MMORPG where you need to hunt, kill and become a wild hunter working and operating in the unfriendly world.

This seems pretty usual, but a game is full of exceptional and astonishing effects. You wake up in the shadows of many palms leaves. How I got here? The ground is wet, sky is blue, and you don’t know any damn thing about the place where you are right now — literally, anything.

The land untouched by civilization is full of danger, and you need to become faster, stronger and need to build strong will to survive.

Being cold-blooded killer battling for existence, you can only rely on friends and… yourself


The Game makes it hard to you…


Mysterious island – full of giant and creepy dinosaurs welcome you rather cold. Need to do your best of the best to survive among hungry and powerful dinosaurs inhabiting the land of confusion.
So what’s next? Team up with other gamers or take them down and take everything of their equipment and will!
Of course, you need to be fully connected to the internet and rather fast one. Every corner full of monster and dangerous creatures brings your life to the edge.

Predators are everywhere. Wild nature and dinosaurs can take your last breath. Make them do this first. Don’t ask for permission!

Your home is the castle! Protect it by your strengths and rely on the shelters and weapons. Build traps, firm walls and hunting equipment.

It’s extremely important to have it all in one place! You need also to unlock new areas and explore them step by step. Jungles hide terrible secrets, and you can find out what it is. Move forward and check it out.


DINOSAURS can be stopped!


If you want you have the possibility to tame any dinosaur. That’s entirely not safe, but carrying big logs on a dino sounds excellent and reliable?

Just like in real life, DRINK, EAT, WARM. Build safe HOUSE! If you wanna survive, you need to gain energy by eating fresh meat, fruits and drink a lot of water. The island offers you big portion of those!

Next thing to do is to gather materials to build your fortress. Watch out! Some dinos can get you if your fence is too small! Jurassic Park like! And Survival !


Craft and you will be saved!


The best will survive! But not without weapons and armor. You need to get bigger and bigger equipment and start to hunting stronger and stronger dinosaurs! Love to play with the others? Why not.
Build a common, safe village and team up with other helpful players. This gives you more safety and huge common building.


Join the clan for cleaning time!


The game gives you an opportunity to join clans. Dinosaurs units packs for hunting. Follow them and find out who makes it first! If you know the behavior of your enemy — it’s much easier. That’s why you have a chat to communicate and share your experience with other warriors. Be ready – the game gives you tons of difficulties. So we prepare great opportunity for you.

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jurassic survival

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APK for Android & iOS 2018 Features :


– Unlimited Coins

This online resources generator provide you booking your account with unlimited coins. Buy weapons, armor and gadgets and enjoy the new ones!

– Constant Updates

We keep you with updated content and features for ensuring that our apk will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


– User-friendly Interface

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The user-friendly platform will provide you with an excellent feeling of admiration using Jurassic Survival online hack!

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This hack tool on iOS and Android devices works properly all the time! APK was created by creators of many other successful apks and works all the way down!


– Not Require Root/Jailbreak your device

This is third part online application – there’s no need to jailbreak your device or root it. Its online iOS or android Tool giving your direct accessing!


– Safe, Secure and Compatible!


Anti-ban filter system, proxy (nobody will detect you), no password needed during the acessing step and very high compatibility (work on Android phones, iOS or tablets).